New Discounted Rates:

8% to 55%
on internet faxing rates.

Jan 1, 2009
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INMARSAT Discounted Rates:

Starting Jan 1, 2009
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New Software Release 2008:

Fax Launcher Pro for
Windows VISTA .

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Fax to E-mail Service :
Receive faxes in your E-Mail.

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Trade Net Mirror Site:
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Trade Net offers its clients cost-effective communications solutions. It makes them more productive, saving both time and money.
Easy Link services include Internet fax, fax to email, and Mail Watch, the ultimate e-mail firewall.
Internet Solutions include domain registration, secure mail, hosting, design, advertising, and search engine registration.
For site visitors, Trade Net offers a collection of the best trade resources and links over the internet.

Easy Link Services
Ultimate communications solution, PC to fax,
e-mail to fax, and fax to e-mail. Internet faxing saves you time and money.
Mail Watch provides a fully outsourced e-mail boundry service to protect your network.
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Internet Solutions
From A to Z, all you need to make your move to the web. Design, hosting, secure mail servers, domain and search engines registration.
For our site visitors, we offer free links to advertise over the world wide web.
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Design & Hosting
Our Cleints

Protect your network against viruses,
spam, offensive content, and oversized
attachments. Mail Watch blocks messages
and content that can negatively effect
network and employees productivity.
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